We went to visit the grave of Sousai Mas Oyama

Today, members of the directors gathered and I reported on the launch of Mas Oyama Coin in front of the grave of SouSai Mas Oyama.


In addition, we have prayed for success and winning at Gokoku-ji under the goal of communicating Mr. Mas Oyama’s name to future generations.


On February 15, the directors are running together to start the presale.

For the success of MAS Oyama Coin, cheers and cooperation are indispensable to everyone.

We look forward to your continued support from MAS.

The grave of Sousai Mas Oyama is in Gokokuji in Tokyo Bunkyo Ward.

As you climb the stairs in the front, there are precincts with weights of history.

It is three general directors of the International Karate Organization Mas Oyama Kyokushinkaikan.

We am looking forward to the opportunity to see you all in the future.

Mr. Oyama Takaharu, the Chief Executive Officer, Mas Oyama Coin Chief Executive Officer and grandson of Mr. Mas Oyama.

Mr. Okubo, Director of Mas Oyama Coin, Head of Sales

Mr.Ichimaru, Director of Mas Oyama Coin, Chief Sales Officer.

Joe M of Mas Oyama Coin Evangelist also ran from Hong Kong.

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