Precautions for Pre-Sale

Even if Ethereum is remitted, purchase of MAS or reflection of ETH points (hereinafter referred to as deposit processing) may not be executed immediately.

In the following cases it may take time to reflect, so please pardon it in advance.

① Wait for deposit processing patrol
Cash confirmation and deposit processing in the system is executed every hour.
Even if we get caught on the server side wallet, it will not be reflected on the system until the above processing is executed (up to about 1 hour)

② Wait for synchronization of Ethereum block chain data
On the server, Block Chain data of Ethereum as a whole is occasionally synchronized (downloaded), but this synchronization process may take time.

In explorers such as and etc., even though transactions are issued and remittance is completed, the block chain data containing the data transferred by the user is “arrived on the system until the server is synchronized” Deposit processing may not be executed and it may take time to reflect because gold completion is not recognized.

Since the amount of data synchronized by the number of remittances of the entire block chain changes, the time required for synchronization changes every time, but the synchronization is completed within a few minutes to several hours.

③ Patrol pause due to Ethereum remittance delay
When you deposit on the server wallet, deposit processing is executed at the time of patrol, and at the same time, it is remittered from the individual wallet for deposit on the server side to the system wallet.
In the case where a delay occurs in remittance processing at the time of this remittance (* 1), it may take time to reflect because the next round of tour will temporarily stop.

As soon as Ethereum’s approval delay is resolved and remittance is completed, the patrol will automatically resume and return to normal state.

(* 1)
In cases where the approval process of Ethereum as a whole is congested, the remittance fee is soaring, the fee is insufficient, etc., the remittance transaction is not immediately issued, or even if it is issued it takes a very long time to approve .

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