News and Topic of MAS COIN

Pre-Sale Finished

Dear customer We successfully ended the sale. I appreciate your cooperation We will close down the sales site accordingly. Please expect to expand to the general market. We are engaged in business for listing. We are looking forward to using MAS around the world. Thank you.

First phase pre-sale was ended, Phase 2 pre-sale started.

Thank you for many applications to Mas Oyama Coin pre-sale. Since the first phase pre-sale has reached the prescribed quantity, we have switched to the 2nd phase pre-sale. During the 2nd phase pre-sale period, it will be sold at 5,000 MAS = 1 ETH. When sales volume reaches 30 million coins, we will move to the 3rd phase pre-sale, so we recommend purchasing as early as possible.    

Precautions for Pre-Sale

Even if Ethereum is remitted, purchase of MAS or reflection of ETH points (hereinafter referred to as deposit processing) may not be executed immediately. In the following cases it may take time to reflect, so please pardon it in advance. ① Wait for deposit processing patrol Cash confirmation and deposit processing in the system is executed every hour. Even if we get caught on the server side wallet, it will not be reflected on the system until the above processing is executed (up to about 1 hour) ② Wait for synchronization of Ethereum block chain data On the server, Block Chain data of Ethereum as a whole is occasionally synchronized…

Notification of postponement of pre-sale

The first period presale scheduled on 15th February was postponed to March 1st 13:00 in Japan time, due to system adjustment.   I am sorry for suddenly changing the schedule, but thank you for your understanding.

Open to the public

Information of Mas Oyama coin (MAS) has been released to the public. I will tell you the latest information of MAS on this homepage.   February 15 It is scheduled to start the first period presale from 13:00 Japan time.   Thank you.