A business alliance with Hong Kong Hakka was held.

We met the HongKong Hakka’s top professor LanGuoXian(藍國賢) who was Former president of Hong Kong New Territories Committee and promised business tie-up.

Hakka is one of the Chinese nationals with its own language of Hakka language, but it is known as one overseas Chinese because it has networks around the world and has a very big influence economically.

Its influence is tremendous and it is so-called “Chinese Jews” because Hakka people occupy an important position for every commercial in the world.

Since HongKong Hakka is in HongKong which a local financial center in Asia. So it is a strong force, especially in finance, real estate, and trade.

In addition, the area near Hong Kong’s New Territories, Shenzhen(深圳) is the controlling area. Last year, They held a party to gather 1,500 people in a place known as a village of Hakka of Sha Tin district called Pai Tau Village for a long time, and a wide variety of Hakka cuisine served as Chinese cuisine was served.


The contents of cooperation discussed at this talks are as follows.

· Cultural exchange with Hakka by martial arts of International Karate Organization Mas Oyama Kyokushinkaikan

Hakka has its own Chinese martial arts called Hakka kungfu. It was promised to deepen interaction between Hakka kungfu and Kyokushin karate.


・Establishment of ICO funds

We will establish and alliance an ICO funds with Hong Kong’s hedge funds.

As the first advisory target, Mas Oyama Coin was chosen.


· Promoting the use of crypto currency in HongKong’s financial markets

Although there are multiple exchanges in Hong Kong, it can not be said that crypto currencies are still generally recognized and popularized in general. We will collaborate with financial platforms that are widely used in Hong Kong and China and encourage the use of cryptocurrencies by cashing out the cryptocurrency easily with debit cards and so on so that they can be utilized for everyday use such as shopping.


The detailed explanation of each meeting will be updated later on the official website.


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Hong Kong Hakka Association


Hong Kong Hakka ‘s Mr.LanGuoXian and Joe M. Mas Oyama Coin Evangelist.
Mr.LanGuoXian showed great interest in a new technology called a cryptocurrency.

Mr.LanGuoXian is known as one of the leading wealthians in Hong Kong.
He promised Mas Oyama Coin full backup.

Together with Ms. Linda belonging to a hedge fund in HongKong.
Ms. Linda has a powerful network in the HongKong and UK financial markets.

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