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Mas Oyama Coin pre-sale
  • Token sales
  • Pre-sale schedule divided into 4 times
  • Phase 1, 2, 3, 4
Phase 1
20million 7000MAS = 1ETH
Phase 2
30million 5000MAS = 1ETH
Phase 3
40million 3500MAS = 1ETH
Phase 4
Public Open

What is MAS COIN? Explain MAS Coin

The MAS COIN uses the cipher technology of the blockchain.

The big difference of MAS is that it uses the technology called “smart contract”.

Smart contracts have the ability to automatically execute and preserve contracts made in transactions. With SmartContract, for example, contracts to send money to someone automatically are done automatically. When a contract is executed, its execution is stored on the network.

MAS COIN can manage transactions as well as contracts. It is a big feature of MAS coin that automatic execution of contract contents without going through the central agency.

In addition, the MAS COIN’s Smart Contract can permanently save the contents of the contract in the past on the network. Credit information is automatically accumulated by preserving the history of contracts and the transfer of rights.

All contracts in the transaction are placed in a blockchain, which is a distributed network so that anyone in the world can observe the contents at any time. In addition, it is difficult to forge and manipulate because many unspecified numbers are exposed to the eyes at all times, so it is a highly reliable system.

The MAS COIN employs an approval algorithm called POS (Proof of Stake).

This POS is an algorithm that the node that put “the most COIN training” is correct because the node that put “the most computational volume” is considered to be correct by POW (Proof of Work).

“COIN training” is “COIN amount x time when the coin is not used”, in other words, “a person with a long coin” is paid.

However, if the person does not receive the remuneration, he/she puts the “COIN training” into the coin, and the coin of that coin is reset, so the next transaction is a system for paying the person who has many coin training.

This algorithm solves a big problem in POW.

In POW, it is important to process arithmetic fast anyway, so it is overwhelmingly advantageous for those who have worked hard enough to have a lot of computer shots. Capitalists borrow large factories in the provinces and operate mining machines by operating hundreds of shoemakers.

This, in other words, is a barbell. It is able to catch maintenance of mining by force.
Then the person who can put in a lot of work can get the remuneration to increase the mining ability and get more rewards, and only the miner with stronger capital can survive.

I think that the problem of this [miner’s oligopoly] does not happen because the MAS coin POS demonstrates the legitimacy of “coin training” rather than proving the fairness of the transaction at the same workload as POW.

Just like the mining of POW, there is no need to operate the CPU at full capacity and computation processing, so electricity costs are relatively low and environmentally friendly.

Mas Oyama Coin

Abbreviation: MAS
Total Issues: 500 million
Block generation: 15 seconds
System: ERC20 Token
Algorithm: Ethash / Casper

Unprecedented distribution of scale

The price of Bitcoin 1 COIN called covert currency of password currency exceeded 10,000 USD, and market capitalization exceeded 180 billion USD.
The potential market size of the MAS COIN is overwhelming compared to the market size.

Start time: 2009
Issued limit: 21 million
Market capitalization: over 180 billion USD
Start time: 2015
Issued limit: Undecided (72 million initial)
Market capitalization: 86 billion USD
Start time: 2018.5
Issued limit: 500 million
Market capitalization: Unlisted

We aim to distribute in settlement currency regardless of genre such as martial arts event, fitness center, education relation

The number of the world’s best Karate members has already reached more than 40 million.
If you are not interested, you might think, “What, Karate …” but there are more fans for the number of members. We plan to pursue business plans as experts in each field and plan to cover the world in all industries.
MAS Coin responds to martial arts events, tournament attendance, distribution of prize money, etc. In order to create an environment that users can enjoy with peace of mind, it also responds to world events where big money moves by using blockchain technology. We are in the development of the password currency MAS coin.

Total Branches
Total Schools
Active Members
Total Members
MAS COIN’s rising price system
Expert development, link with other cryptocurrency
Developer: Development of Specialist
Link with other cryptocurrency
Credit based on performance, and Safely
Platform: More than 40 million people worldwide and more than 1200 chapters worldwide
Equity · Safety: P2P technology is used and all the participants manage. Undeniable
Market size, Market expansion, Enrichment of environment
Members of the world: boasting over 40 million members worldwide
Fields other than Martial Arts: Due to the large number of fans in Choi BaeDal, it is possible to enter all fields without obsessing with martial arts.
Martial arts world: Choi BaeDal cooperates with all fields regardless of field (kickboxing) in martial arts.
Novelty, company’s attention
Target: Participation of martial arts population, Distribution of tournament prize, Purchase of products of fan base of Mas Oyama
Token Sale Fund: Cooperation with large Token Sale fund
details of Issuing (Purpose)

Mas Oyama Coin was developed with the idea that we should leave Masutasu Oyama’s name for life and combine various martial arts and Karate. KyoKuSin Karate is a full contact karate left by Mas Oyama. It is said to be the best karate in history, attracted by its overwhelming charisma, and is a large organization boasting more than 1,200 branches and more than 40 million members worldwide. However, there are various problems such as after Mas Oyama’s death, the division of the organization, troubles of overseas branch and settlement, transfer payment at the venue, and sponsorship of the winner. In order to improve this situation and to leave the name of Mas Oyama to life, we propose and develop Mas Oyama Coin. Mas Oyama had a friendship with various martial arts organizations regardless of the martial arts genre.

Purpose of use
Issuing MAS debit card and enabling shopping and ATM withdrawal from MAS.
Upbringing of athletes, holding of competition, expansion of dojo
Distributed to winner’s prize money
Make can donations to volunteer groups at the MAS.
Purchase tickets for K-1 and other entertaining events
The payment of tuition fees such as karate and gymnasium is made possible by MAS.
Payment of restaurants
Sell Mas Oyama’s limited products from MAS.

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